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Great, Grand & Famous Champagnes

Publishing consultant to Arbon Publishing, the Great, Grand & Famous series introduces readers to worlds they might not otherwise encounter.  Enter a world of champagne that is as complex and enticing as the flavours and aromas found within each bottle.

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Great, Grand & Famous Hotels

This book draws on history, legend and sometimes gossip to pay homage to the world’s great, grand and famous hotels. Take a peek inside their walls and discover a treasure trove of famous or forgotten anecdotes.

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Great, Grand & Famous Chefs

The second title in the Great, Grand & famous series, a study of the development of haute cuisine and the rise of the chef-patron, from Marie-Antoine Careme to the superstar chefs of today.

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Great Thoroughbred Studs of Australia

On behalf of Aushorse, this large format book, with stunning images and personal interviews, reveals the stories behind the men and women who manage and own Australia’s leading farms, and the horses that have made them famous.

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Art Books

This book is the story of the life and art of Edgar Tuner Sheppard. CL Creations was commissioned by his grandson Richard Sheppard to produce this book as a testament to his grandfather and the paintings and sketches which were discovered after his death in 1956.

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