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Rethink Building Materials

Sponsored by Australia’s leading building material manufacturers this book will equip a designer, builder, tradesperson or homeowner with the knowledge and tools to confidently make sound decisions based on science and experience. Written by thirty-five of Australia’s world-leading thinkers and practitioners of sustainable design and building, it does not tell you what to think, but what to think about when building or renovating a home.

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Water Innovation: A New Era for Australia

This book demonstrated Australian leadership and achievements in water resource management as well as the capabilities to formulate policy and new technologies for the management of urban water, rivers and catchments, and irrigation.
Major Sponsors: Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, CSIRO

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Sustainable Energy Innovation: A New Era for Australia

This book promotes Australia’s expertise in sustainable energy innovation, technologies and services and the range of new projects and businesses that are meeting emerging opportunities in sustainable energy.
Major Sponsors: Queensland Government, Australian Government, Origin Energy

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Australian Innovation: Towards a Sustainable Future

This book profiles the organisations that are realising that being sustainable spurs innovation, generates wealth, creates employment and leaves a positive legacy.
Major Sponsors: BHP, ANZ, NSW Department of Environment

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Transport Innovation: A New Era for Australia

This book is a showcase of Australia’s world-class intelligent transport systems, expands on Australia’s research efforts, identifies public private partnerships and reviewed the emerging transport sector. Launched at the international ITS Congress in Las Vegas in 2005.
Major Sponsors: ITS Australia, the Victorian, Queensland and Western Australian Governments, NRMA, Transfield Services


Biomedical, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Innovation: Australia’s Opportunities

This book promoted Australia’s medical research capabilities, leadership, technology, products and services. Launched at BIO 2000 in Boston by Premier Beattie in conjunction with the Australian Government, it was the key marketing collateral on behalf of Australia’s lifescience industry and promoted ‘Australia Inc’ to the global biotech sector.
Major Sponsors: CSL and the Queensland Government