bananaquitsAs publishers, we tell great stories. Our journalists and authors are passionate storytellers who can develop engaging content for your printed projects and for all online and social media. Our team can also provide ideas and insights that will engage our client’s audiences through its brand story. We believe brands need to be brave enough to go out on a limb, so we ensure our storytelling is edgy, memorable and original, but importantly delights the target audience.

Creating engaging content for Facebook posts, blogs, tweets, e-newsletters or videos is imperative for your brand’s ongoing narrative. Creating content worth sharing often requires conviction and courage, telling it in ways that is truthful, informative and influences. Marketers must be part of these conversations, engaging their audience and inspiring action.

Consider all the storytelling options available to brands today. From blogging to Native advertising, inevitably there will be even newer tools that have yet to be imagined that will allow brands to tell stories in many ways. We are here to push the creative envelope.

Example of storytelling: If you believed the single story of energy drinks as a category, you’d believe that all brands are selling a glorified concoction of caffeine and sugar. But Red Bull has a vise-like grip on its brand story—about living life to the fullest—thus propelling the social success and incredible brand affinity. (


Patryk Sobczak

Our expertise

CL Creations Pty Ltd, established in 1987, is a specialist publishing company producing corporate books on behalf of government and industry and superbly crafted books for organisations who are celebrating a milestone. We specialise in story telling and creating clear communication channels between companies and their communities of interest.

We offer an unrivalled range of editorial and creative talent and access to a local and international network of publishing resources including –

  • Content services
    • Passionate team of authors and editors who tell great stories
    • creating original content including research writing facilities, editing
    • content sourcing and acquisition including identifying, packaging, value-adding editorial, negotiating and partnerships channels
  • Photography including commissioning photographers and photographic research
  • Graphic design using the most innovative creative designers
  • Production negotiation and supervision using printing facilities worldwide
  • Distribution and marketing support

Whether you are publishing a corporate history, a lavish specially crafted book for a special occasion or a custom publication or interested in passionate brand storytelling for your online or social media activities, CL Creations has the essential skills to ensure its success.

Pic: Jamie King

Artistic eye for detail

CL Creations employs a team of professionals who have an eye for detail–

Content – Our global network of authors and journalists produces, researchers and writes information specifically designed for your organisation’s needs. We can help you develop targeted, engaging and well written content for a stand-alone project or as an ingredient in a more complex marketing program including content curation for all online and social media requirements.

Design – We produce visually engaging books with superb use of typography and breathtaking photography to enthral the reader with a powerful visual message. Our design team will ensure your marketing communications collateral appeals to your desired market and effectively reinforces your company’s brand to its intended audience. We incorporate brand consistency across all your publishing needs and ensure the final outcome is memorable and results orientated.


Collaborative approach

We promote the concept of partnership publishing tailoring our publishing expertise to meet our client’s needs and their intended audience. We have collaborated with some of Australia’s top 500 corporations as well as Australian and State Governments, industry associations, research institutes and universities. Depending on positioning and need, a client may engage our individual services or commission a comprehensive content strategy to be developed and implemented, including printed and electronic publishing. We deliver on time and work within a client’s budget to meet their objectives.


Content is king

Books – In an increasingly ephemeral world, where the electronic media have become more dominant, there is something reassuring about the permanence and presence of the printed word in a book. Books bestow authority and are one of the most trusted and respected sources of information available. It is a practical means to disseminate information that people take seriously.

Online – with a vast amount of content on the web, presenting it in a meaningful and organised way is necessary to be heard above the noise. The content we produce is relevant because it is of value to our client’s community of interest and can also be used across many online, social media, PR and publishing platforms.